Amsterdam Light Festival 10th Dezember 2020 - 3th Januar 2021


26.11.2020 - 17.01.2021

Theme: When nature calls

New corona-proof walking experience via WhatsApp.

This winter you will explore Amsterdam Light Festival on foot during the ninth edition. Experience the storyline of 'When Nature Calls' in a new and unique way.

Due to the regulations concerning COVID-19, the well known boat experience of Amsterdam Light Festival will be skipped this year. We have turned these unfortunate circumstances around and introduce a new theatrical walking experience: the Light Walk. This edition, which will take place from 10.12.2020 until 03.01.2021, is dedicated to nature with the theme 'When Nature Calls'.

During the Light Walk, visitors stroll through the eastern part of the city centre of Amsterdam, crossing well-known squares, but also passing through hidden gardens. With their phones in their hands, theatrical producer and creative director Lucas De Man will send them videos, photos and audio messages via WhatsApp. In a story packed with information and humour, the visitors learn about light art, the city and nature. The walk is interactive, meaning that the visitor decides whether they want to hear more about light art, or more about the city and its history.

The pictures are from the website of the Amsterdam Light Festival