Who are we?

Quality Guides Holland is the travel guide company owned by Ria Kat.

Ria Kat (1964) realized her dream in 2006: she finished her studies to become a National Guide and received her Guidor certification.

She started her own travel guide company in 2007: Ria Kat Nationaal Gids. She flourished in her trade, started to provide more guides and diversified into a wide array of related services, like the rental of headsets, canal cruise reservations in Amsterdam, harbor cruises in Rotterdam, entrances Royal Delft, bus rental and the selling of tickets to The Keukenhof.

Business went so well that in December 2014 she decided to change her company’s name into Quality Guides Hollandguide & travel services, to reflect the growth and diversification of her business.

Today she runs Quality Guides Holland together with a large team (about 45 persons) of professional and enthusiastic guides. They not only provide guides for bus tours, bike tours, walking tours, but also offer museum tours guided by art historians.

Ria benefits from her years of experience she built up during her previous career as a board secretary and a quality functionary. Not only working as a guide, but also while managing her company and taking care of the administrative side of the job.

We will be happy to make a quotation for you. For guide services, but also other services, so that you can arrange various matters in one mail. 

Quality Guides Holland provides quality guide and travel services and is looking forward to working with you, to create an unforgettable travel experience.